Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Finishing up the three stone ring

Today we finished drilling out the bottom gallery section using a variety of bud burs going from the bottom and the top to even out the oval. We then put it in the magnetic tumbler to give it a higher shine so we can see where to work on next. I also added a bit more solder to the tops in areas that did not completely flow all the way through on the sides.

We then constructed the shank using a rolling mill instead of the traditional forging method. we used square stock and put in 4 different tapers and elongated the mid section. We then bent then on a shank bender ( I think that's the name). After that we sawed out the flat sections at the top and created the proper angle that our setting would fit in at. We then sawed the ring apart in the center and used the bypass method to get the correct size and opening for the setting. We then free hand soldered the two halves of the ring together and hammered it round and began filing. We still need to file a dome and drastically reduce the width and depth of the stock. We definitely should be finished with this tomorrow, so more pictures are to follow.

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