Saturday, September 12, 2009

Stone setting, the beginning...

So on Thursday we started with flush setting. Those are the two picture at the top of the page...I had learned flush setting before, but somehow struggled through doing this. I think I was just getting tired or frustrated or something along those lines. Flush setting is where the stone appears to be sitting in the surface of the metal. It's a very pretty setting for adorning a ring or to compliment other stones that are set in different ways in a piece. You can see my mistakes, so apologies, but supposedly we will be able to "do this in our sleep" by the time the class is over. Let's hope I'm able or close to being able to do that.

The other setting is a gypsy set ring. In this ring the sides of the ring swoop up to the pinnacle of the stone. I really like this type of setting, I think it emphasizes the stone in a very unique way. Setting this stone is very similar to bezel setting, but has it's own characteristics.

A tip that I learned and forgot to can cut tiny strips of 3m micro finishing material to file in areas that are hard to get into. It's fantastic!

Next week we are learning polishing and bead setting in the beginning of the week.

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