Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday and Week 2

So on Friday we worked on sizing rings up and down. We started with a pretty easy band to size down and then were quite challenged in sizing up this relatively thick tapered band. I was getting tired and it had been a long week so I slipped and sawed into my finger. Ick! I used Blaine's super glue trick for the cut though and after a day it doesn't hurt anymore and seems to be healing pretty quick, just like he said.

I didn't bother to take any pictures of the ring sizing cause it's really not that interesting to see.

So this weekend I checked out the beach of Virginia beach. It's very different from the Los Angeles beaches I've been to. The whole boardwalk is lined with hotels so the walk itself is really boring. The second street over seemed to be where all the shops and restaurants were. On Sunday I just explored a bit checking out a movie and the mall. On the way there I spotted a "Bingo Palace." I've never played bingo nor have I desired to, but all the sudden it sounds fun. Hopefully I'll get to see what it's all about. Apparently all the profit goes to charity, so it can't be all that bad.

Tomorrow we're working on assembling rings. I think we're given different shanks and settings and we put them together. Then later in the week we start flush setting....I know there are 4 other things we do but I can't recall what they were.

Hopefully I'll get some good projects to post on here. For now I have some photos of the boardwalk in Virginia Beach

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