Thursday, September 24, 2009

The past few days

Sorry I've been bad about posting lately, I had a lot of visitors come to town. We've been doing some real exciting projects lately. One is a pendant with 8 little rubies. We attached the bail to the pendant and then set the stones. We set them in a way that you would cut a traditional channel setting, and then we simply pushed over the prong and finished the piece.

We also created a wire basket out of wire yesterday. This was very challenging, and required checking the layout very often, but it was a neat project. I really want to focus on fabrication, so the past two days have been great.

We started on a three stone ring project today. We started by bending what would become the bottom gallery base to the correct finger size. Then we bent the top gallery section to be slightly larger and lay in a parallel to the bottom gallery. We then layed out the stones and drew scribe lines of where to cut later. We then sawed and reamed out the center, and then cut the outside out of the rest of the sheet with little tabs attached to help in soldering the two layers together. I still need to file my piece, but the gross shape is there. Not sure what steps we're taking tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be challenging.

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