Wednesday, September 2, 2009

File, file and file some more

Today we worked on filing two cast rings with a lot of mold lines, porosity and other problems. One ring was a signet type ring with a flat shield and thick shank. The other ring was a 3-d spiral on top and a very organic shape with lots and lots of mold lines. I may put a picture up in a bit, but I don't have a before and after, so it may not be that illustrative of what we did. The neat trick we learned was to cut super thin strips of 3m micro material and use it as a "liquid file" on the tight curves...which there are a lot of.

Tomorrow we are doing another filing project on a ring with an off center square that we need to make on center. Then we are moving to the torch...not sure what the project will be exactly but it will be nice to move from filing for a little while.

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