Thursday, October 8, 2009

Half bezel

At the top of the page are pictures of the half bezel we worked on. This was pretty challenging because we had to free hand cut a bearing into this bezel. We then trued up the edges with files, gravers, and finally a burnisher to make the inside edge bright and shiny.

The bottom picture is of the polished oval bezel. The bezel is polished, not the band.

We also make an earring post and t-back for a gold earring head. We haven't finished that up get so I don't have any pictures.


  1. That new ring is so beautiful! What kind of metal and stones are you all using in this class?

  2. Those rings are both brass. It's a certain mixture the teacher came up with that makes it melt and cut more similar to gold. Most of the stones we've used are just cubic zirconia and a few rubies.

    As the class moves on we are allowed to get our own stones for the pieces made of of the nicer metals.

    We also are doing pieces in silver, 14k gold, and platinum.

    Most of the stone setting rings are castings that the teacher has collected over the years that have various obstacles we have to overcome before we get to set the stones.